It’s a pretty daunting prospect trying to improve something that is well-loved by many, but that was exactly the brief with Sky Bar, Genting’s jewel in the crown of their restaurant and bar experiences at Resorts World Birmingham. Sky Bar is perched at the very top of the complex and counts local celebs and VIPs among its regulars, who flocked to enjoy its impressive drinks offer and even more impressive location and outlook.

Our brief was simple, transform the flagship venue into a dining and drinking experience that would not only project the aspiration of the Genting brand, but most importantly, be a hit with both the previous regulars and also attract a wave of new customers to come and enjoy the stunning food and views.

The unique challenges of transforming a bar into a restaurant…

Sky Bar has primarily become known as a popular drinking venue, but our collaborative mission with our client was to create an extraordinary dining destination that would bring food lovers from far and wide to enjoy the proud work of the restaurant’s chef team. Genting approached Keane following the success of our Vortex family gaming experience, also at Resorts World Birmingham, and knew we would cut a bold and exciting new vision for the space.

Head chef Aaron Darnley has created a spectacular premium dining menu, including some unmissable desserts from pastry chef, Darryl Collins (he of Channel 4’s ‘Bake Off: The Professionals’ fame) and we knew it required a unique environment that was capable of hosting it.

However, this also presented a huge and unique challenge; the existing venue didn’t have a kitchen, so we had to completely rethink the layout of the space and consider the practical requirements of creating a restaurant from a bar, before we even considered our creative approach.

Introducing ‘Sky by the Water’…

The interior design scheme we crafted is truly transformational, creating an enviable dining destination that combines form and function. The new identity ‘Sky By The Water’ became a creative springboard for our interior design team to build the scheme around.

Tranquillity and elegance have been seamlessly blended with the panoramic views of the sky and water, bringing generous touches of comfort and luxury, whilst maintaining a sense of fun with some quirky and joyous design features.

Luxe metallics, fabrics and wood finishes have given the space a premium feel and a colour palette of deep blues and greens complements the restaurant’s cosy and intimate atmosphere, while also connecting the environment and the views.

The result is the epitome of escapism; an indulgent utopia for guests to unwind and soak up some accessible luxury.

And that’s not all; the scheme also comes with a cosy secret garden area, with private covered outdoor pods, and an exclusive Chef’s Table experience. Clever spaces that, particularly with the outside space, not only create crave-ability but also claim back some vital covers lost by the kitchen build.

A dining destination on our doorstep

It’s not often you get to work on a restaurant refurb on your doorstep, so our Birmingham studio team have revelled in this exciting project, and we look forward to many a night spent experiencing our work first-hand. We hope it will be a proud pinnacle of the exciting food scene in our home city.