Jambo! We’re lucky people in this industry to be able to take what we do and apply our craft to new markets, new countries and new continents. Africa provides a unique perspective; a beautiful welcoming country with a huge and growing appetite for eating and drinking in restaurants, cafes and bars.

KEANE are sponsors of GRIF Society (https://www.grif.com/society) and it held its inaugural event in Nairobi last week. Sasha and the GRIF team chose 6 locations ranging from market leading coffee brand, Java House (one of our clients) to new entrants Grenier au Pain, Mercado and the memorable local cuisine at Nyama Mama.

We spent the day as part of the 75+ GRIF Society attendees, touring the restaurants and John Rowley and I had the pleasure of interviewing the talented concept creators, entrepreneurs and operators behind the brands. Chef personality Kiran Jethwa at Seven Seafood & Grill engaged in a particularly spiky discussion about the local supply chain challenges and how to deliver high end dining in a developing market. Kiran is a TV star; the ‘Fearless Chef’ with his own series on Fox, a rugby international, an all-round talent and good-looking guy who can cook; not an interview I want to ever have to repeat!!

Kenya; what a fine country and bright future it has, we’re honored and delighted to be a part of it.