When we received the brief to deliver a new name and brand identity for a new healthy eating café in Jumeriah Towers in Dubai, little did we know the impact it would go on to generate and capture the youth culture in the community.

The legacy that our late founder Aidan Keane created with his freehand logo design, has gone on to be the cornerstone of this innovative concept in the heart of Dubai’s business district.

What has been created goes beyond a café, it has built a reputation as a creative hub to inspire thinking and a venue to host a series of talks from Dubai’s leaders of tomorrow and invigorate and engage with Dubai’s ambitious youth community. 

“The combination of stimulating design, motivational conversation and energizing products come together to form a new harmony – a space to inspire, succeed and flourish. A space that becomes a catalyst for conversation and connection, that frees your thoughts and liberates ideas.”

Our branding has inspired an interior design concept, through which our creative flows (excuse the pun). From the statement 3D wooden logo at the entrance, to menu design and our tone of voice on self-serve milk feature wall. 

We are very proud to have been involved in this project and delighted for the success and acclaim Flow is receiving. If you’re looking for great coffee, healthy food and mental stimulation – Flow is the place to be.